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For the first time In my life I felt heard. For the first time in my life somebody could really understand what I am talking about rather than making it about themselves. I am from a conservative family. Yet, I am proud that I took help.

Thanks for the motivation, encouragement and advice.

This information makes me more confedent

Thank You, This Module is very helpfull for me to plan my day..,

I thoroughly enjoy your sessions every time.. 😊

Thanks for your valuable comments, Definitely it will useful to develop my self confidence

Thank you for your kind support

Hi Counseller, I am very happy to get the advice from you... Thank You once again for your support.

Thanks for the feedback. It is really very useful for me to manage my time and achieve my goals.

I have learned some meaningful points...I have learned how to live strong as a woman in the society.....

Am happy while reviewing this... which made me to self realize & to self motivate me . Thank you

Counselling Helps..! Thank You.!

Must say lovely article and great insights. Thank you for enabling us with such a wonderful platform.

Thanks once again! If you would not [have helped] me to... I would have continued in same sad, depressed mood; Your suggestion saved me! You saved my career too!

The office quiz result was accurate for me and I enjoyed 'Angry take control' ...simple but is the truth ...I'm going to try my best as all it does is ruin my health! Thank you very much for this highly valuable free advice

Thanks a lot for this resource. I am finding it very useful. ​