Feeling irritable during the Pandemic? You are not alone!

We are definitely no longer in the honeymoon stage of cook offs, home workouts, Dalgona coffee and zoom catch up calls with friends and family around the world. Fast forward to  September 2021 -  the pandemic is making people irritable, with a shorter fuse and quick to anger. Whether you’re cooped up at home, sheltering alone, or moved back to your family home, all the uncertainty  about how life is going to be in the near and distant future is killing our ability to plan. Yes, it is a challenge to navigate ourselves.

It’s certainly natural to feel irritable when the environment around us shifts in such a dramatic way. We have been isolated from our social support network. Our jobs have shifted into an isolated setting and many of us have lost our jobs altogether. Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed with the overlap of space between work and home? 

We’re experiencing more irritability in the time of COVID-19, which is a symptom of stress and worry. The changes brought on by the pandemic have happened so dramatically and quickly that there really hasn’t been time to adjust to the new normal.Pent-up anger, frustration, and grouchiness are all normal reactions to the extraordinarily uncertain times we’re living in. With time we can find ways to healthily express it. 

Shouting at someone who cut in line at the grocery store, losing your temper with your kid even though they just asked for homework help, snapping at your partner because they forgot to do the dishes - do some of these scenarios sound all too familiar?

When you recognize what has happened, do you feel ridden with guilt? It does not mean you are a bad or mean person.  It simply means that it is time for you to take intentional steps to manage your stress so that you don’t displace that anger onto the people around you.


Ways you can manage your irritability

  • Take a break to wind down. 

  • Surround yourself with people you trust, who provide support

  • Talk more openly about how you are feeling so that you connect with another person

  • Incorporate physical exercise in your schedule - a walk, 15 minutes of yoga or a run.

  • Seek professional help

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